Listening to yourself

We all have a voice speaks from the heart. For some, it may be small, barely a whisper due to the fact that it has been ignored or suppressed. For others,  it could be like a roaring lion, making you jump the minute you might do something that may harm you. Or that voice can be strong on some things and meek on other issues. For me, its the latter. Many times my inner voice screams at me to prevent me from doing wrong. On other situations, it could be quiet or dormant, awaiting me to take the time to coax it out.

I have always heard the lion voice. I might not have always done what it told me to (and suffered for it) but I heard it loud and clear.The loud voice always speaks regarding major relationship situations or other events that could potentially harm or threaten my life’s path. However, the decisions that are not so immediately life changing (or where there is no sure right or wrong) are sometimes hard to hear. Since turning thirty last year, I have become increasingly curious about the meek or quiet voice inside of me and what it wants to tell me.

Over the course of the past year,  the quiet voice has told me to exercise and to eat better. If you can’t tell by this blog, I have been experimenting with healthy eating, detoxing, and various forms of exercise. I have read countless books on vegan, vegetarian, and raw lifestyles and cooking. I have tried detoxing and other things and I am sure that I will continue to try new things as I progress. But at the end of the day, what may work for an author or a friend, may not work for me. Or vice versa–what I do may not work for you. For me, moderation is the key. I love sweets and that is ok as long as I am careful about portion control. I have found that sugar and too much processed foods make me feel tired and almost spaced out. However, there will be days where I may be a glutton, but that is ok as well. I am learning to be kind to myself because I will not always do what’s right, no matter how much I try. Taking time to exercise and eat better as helped my quiet voice get stronger and I am more aware of the little changes that I need to make to continue to grow into the person that God would have me to be. I have learned to trust this little voice more and more as it has begun to direct me in becoming a better “Shanta”. Thirty was such a period of growth for me and I am looking forward to what 31 has in store.

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