Viva Barcelona!

I’m sure you thought this post was going to be about Barcelona, Spain. It’s on my bucket list, but I haven’t made it there yet. On the contrary, I am referring to one of my favorite restaurants in New Haven.  The restaurant opened in my last years of graduate school, and I found myself going there occasionally for their excellent sangria and tapas. The restaurant’s ambience is very nice–dimly lit, wine bottles lined on the right side of the farthest wall as you enter in. Funky light fixtures and a very cool bar area. Barcelona is so cool that it doesn’t even have its name posted anywhere on the outside of the restaurant. Unless you are familiar with its location, it is very easy to miss the big wooden doors next to the Omni hotel.

Did I mention I love this place???? In fact, for the past two Tuesdays, it has been the place that I have met friends for drinks and dinner. For those that are in the area, I definitely recommend you fill out the survey that comes with your bill. You will get a token for a free glass of wine. 

My most recent visit was with my line sister, A. We had been trying to catch up for a few weeks, but our schedules didn’t allow it. So we decided to meet up for tapas after work. We ended up getting the 6 tapas special with salads to start.

The salad that I eat EVERY time I go to Barcelona is the Millstone Farms Organic greens. The greens are tossed with honey and are served with goat cheese croquettes! I seriously need to learn how to make this salad! 

Following the salad, we were served calamari with a smoked spicy pepper aioli. The calamari just isn’t as good with out it.

Following in quick succession after that was the Gambas al Ajillo, which are sautéed shrimp with butter, garlic, sherry and pepper. Love them.

Next up where the Papas Bravas, which were roasted potatoes with a spicy tomato sauce and a herb aioli.

We then followed that up with a recent addition to the menu, a sea bass marinated in a tomatillo sauce and skirt steak.

Last but definitely not least was the broccoli  au gratin. Very interesting. I never had broccoli like this, but it was very tasty.

And of course I cashed in my token for my free glass of wine. The reisling here is excellent.

Overall, fun times for all! Barcelona as always, gets two thumbs up from me!

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