Cosmo’s inner cardio goddess

This past Saturday, I participated in my first 5K of the year, the Red dress run for women.  The main reason why I ran this race was to gauge how much more I needed to prepare for the upcoming race on Labor day. My time was about 49 minutes (I ran the first mile (it was about an 11 minute mile) and walked the rest with T because her knees began to hurt. I kind of used her as an excuse though, because my legs were aching and I knew from last year that if I pushed myself too hard that I would be aching for over a week. I didn’t want that to happen because I really needed to train for the one that really matters- the faxon stratton 5K.

I am determined to run the whole thing on labor day because I felt really embarrassed that I couldn’t do so last year. But I also hadn’t trained and I think I over estimated how intense a 5K could be. However, doing the red dress run lit a fire under me and after giving myself time to let my legs rest, I have resumed running. But now, I do it every morning before I go to work (also before it gets all hot and humid). I make myself run for 10 minutes without stopping and I plan to be at  15 minutes by the beginning of next week. I figure if I can get myself comfortable with running at least 35 minutes without stopping at a nice pace, I will be in good shape for the labor day 5K.  Keeping myself motivated has required updating my workout playlist on my IPod and I plan to do this more regularly as I progress during the training. Here’s part of my list if you are looking for some running tunes:

1. Tik Tok-Kesha

2. I wanna dance tonight- Lucy Pearl

3. Motown Philly- Boyz II Men

4. Get Right–JLO

5. Get By- Talib Kweli

6. I decided, part 1- solange knowles

7. I’ll be – jayz and foxy brown

8. Quiet storm-mobb deep

9. American Boy-Estelle

10. Never leave you (uh oh)–Lumidee

 Most importantly, I am finding that it is important for me to encourage myself. Positive affirmations while running definitely help. Never hurts to be like the “little engine that could” and tell yourself “I think I can! I KNOW I can!”

Cardio goddess signing out…..:)

P.S. Anyone else preparing for a 5K or another race? What do you find helps you stay motivated?

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2 Responses to Cosmo’s inner cardio goddess

  1. Bridget says:

    Well, your 11 minute mile reminds me of the days back yonder running cross country. I hated every minute of it!

  2. brandnewphd says:

    ha! I remember that too! Now, if only I would have kept that up after middle school, I wouldn’t be struggling now!

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