Thanksgiving in June?

Or maybe this would be better titled, “Kyle can cook?” After picking at my friend Kyle for a bit about his culinary skills, he finally decided to prove he could throw down in the kitchen. Last night, he cooked a “Thanksgiving style” meal for me and two other friends. The man made a Turkey! I am not talking turkey wings, or cutlets, but a whole turkey! Check it out:

And boy he just didn’t bake it, he got all fancy with it: he stuffed orange and lemon slices under the skin, which helped keep the moisture under the skin. He also used a rosemary butter rub for the turkey.  It was Deelish! To go along with the Turkey, he made mashed potatoes, a spinach citrus salad, and biscuits. I was thoroughly impressed with the biscuits because he made them from scratch and they were YUMMY!

I would say that it was great food and fellowship had by all. Now to think of my next friend I can challenge or coerce to cook for me…..hmmmm……

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