Bringing “Sexy back” to bagged lunches

Check out my new lunch bag:

Cute right? I had been carrying my lunch in a plastic bag for over a year now and I had enough. There were plenty of people at my office that had these cool functional bags, even some with bento boxes. I started to want more for my lunch.  And so the quest for the functional, yet stylish lunch bag was on. My rationale was that I would be that much more inspired to bring my lunch if I had something attractive to put it in. So I literally googled “adult lunch boxes” and “stylish lunch pails”, read some articles and then discovered BUILT. This site has all kinds of bags, totes and cases that are practical and stylish. I fell in love with the Gourmet Getaway ™ lunch tote at first site.  Although by lunch box standards it is a little pricey (they range from $23-25) they are very functional and can keep your meals cold or warm for up to four hours. Stella(that’s the bag’s name) has only been with me a few days, but she is performing well. I had a container leak which spilled into her bottom, but she cleaned and dried very rapidly. I definitely recommend:)

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