It’s been a long time, since I left you, without a dope beat to step to….

Hola folks,

So sorry I have been away. I can blame it on a number things: my cousin’s wedding, my side hustle, and just life in general. So I figure I will just give you a quick recap of what I have been doing away from the blogosphere before I get back to my regularly scheduled programming:

1. My cousin’s wedding: I headed down to Philadelphia for my cousin’s wedding on June 3 and quickly got caught up in the wedding frenzy. Man, I did not realize how much it takes to plan a wedding! If you recall, I had mentioned my experiences in two previous posts (here and here). I decided to blog about the experiences because it took me until the ripe age of thirty to become a bridesmaid for the first time. What can I say? My friends and family are late wedders I suppose…lol. Anywho, first up was the rehearsal at the church and then the rehearsal dinner, which was really nice. We had some Caribbean food as a nod to the groom’s Barbadian roots.

The morning of the wedding looked gloomy and we feared rain, but the skies cleared up and it was an awesome day. Sunny, but not too hot. I even made it down the aisle without falling and for someone who has never worn 4 inch heels, I’d say that was amazing. The only mishap of the day was that my little cousin passed out and knocked the altar flowers all over the floor. We were so scared for him, but he was just a little dizzy and overheated. Once he got water he was fine (he even danced the whole night). The reception was wonderful and my cousin had cupcakes instead of cake. I scored a red velvet cupcake…yum!

Sorry not such a good picture, but you get the general gist. By the end of the night, I had danced so much that I was exhausted! But I had to have one last picture taken of me.

I really liked my makeup-it was the first time that I have ever worn MAC makeup and fake eyelashes. I didn’t recognize myself after the makeup artist finished me up. In addition, my cousin did a great job selecting these Priscilla of Boston “melon” colored cocktail dresses. She gifted us with earrings and a necklace from white house/black market. I think it gave us extra bling.  Overall, fun was had by all! I think my cat was mad at me when I got home because she ended up trying to eat my bouquet.

2. Side hustling. Since I am on operation get out of credit card debit, I took on a side hustle last year. Two of my line sisters put me onto online teaching. So now I teach an introduction to Biology course and it is definitely helping me reach my goals. I definitely recommend if you have some spare time, to pick up a side hustle. Even if you are not in debt, it is a great way to meet some of your financial goals.

3. Living life.  Yes, I have been plotting. I can’t get into that yet, but I am starting to make moves towards “What I want to be when I grow up”. I definitely will let you know what that is once my plans solidify. Other than that, I have just been hanging with my friends, going to graduations, and getting myself together. Recently, I had dinner at prime 16 with Soror N. I don’t know what took me so long to get there, but it is YUM! They have the best burger selection that I have ever seen. So if you like burgers and you live in CT, I would highly recommend you go sometime. I ended up getting the Philly cheese steak burger with 50/50 fries (50% sweet potato fries and 50% regular fries) Deelish!

So as you can see, I have been busy, but I am sure no busier than you. There is a lot of things to blog about this summer, so I will keep you posted. What are your plans for the summer?

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