116 Crown and Karaoke?

On Wednesday night, I had an opportunity to catch up with a “blast from the past”. J and I hung out for a bit while I was in graduate school and he was just finishing up college.  We always had fun together and apparently, Wednesday was no exception. First of all, due to his “clerking” duties, we did not head out until 9pm. Which is considered really late for me. I am (sad to say) usually in my pjs by 7pm during the week…lol. But I figured, why not? I hadn’t seen him in over 5 years, so we were overdue for a reunion. We started at 116 Crown and had a Bacon pizzette (ask for the B.L.T if you go) and mussels and fries (with truffle oil). The fries at 116 Crown are to die for!!!!!! The truffle oil gives them a nice kick. The whole lounge has a great vibe. The food, though a little pricey, is on point. I have only been there twice, but I can’t say that I have had a bad meal or drink yet. Sorry I didn’t take any pictures, but I was too busy shoving my face with food and laughing at his jokes..lol

Afterwards, we headed to the Black Bear Saloon for karaoke (I didn’t have the slightest idea that there was karaoke in New haven..lol). At first, we were wondering if we were in the right place, until we heard someone belt out some unrecognizable song off-key. If you didn’t know hard core karaoke people take it real serious. One girl had a spotlight shine on her and danced around the stage….weird….

Then J and his friend P ended up singing two songs each. They were both in acapella groups in college, so they were good. But J almost got beat down when he came off the stage and tried to embarrass me.Overall, it was an excellent night! I might have to do it again soon…that is after I recuperate from this night…lol

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