I “heart” Chicago!

So last week I was in Chicago for a work trip. I was super excited because it was my first time ever in the city and the little that I did get a chance to explore, did not disappoint.  The school went all out for our visit. I had a driver ready to drive me to my hotel as soon as I got off of the plane. When I checked in my hotel, I immediately opened the curtains to see this view:

I was so happy to be on the 43rd floor. As you can see, it gave me a great view of the city and magnificent mile (when I looked down). After I got settled and relaxed for a bit, my soror A picked me up and we headed off to bible study and then to din din. Her pastor was awesome. He spoke on the subject of Jabez and stressed how we need to worry more about making ourselves “indispensable” rather than liked.

After hearing the word, Soror A and I caught up over chicken and waffles. It was a first for me…lol, but it was yummy.

After dinner, she took me on a drive by of President Obama’s house. The secret service was guarding the street leading to his house! I drove by on two separate days and the same SUV was sitting outside. Someone told me while I was there that the people living on his street have to show their ID in order to gain access to their street.  Someone bought the house next to Obama and had to be “vetted” before he was allowed to. That is hardcore!

Anyway, after having a great time with Soror A, it was time to get to work. The next morning my group was driven to the University of Chicago and we spent the next two days discussing our students. The University of Chicago is beautiful! It is even prettier than Yale! I was truly impressed:

The architecture was truly breathtaking. You could almost feel a sense of peace come over you as you stepped into their chapel.

In addition to enjoying the architecture in Chicago, I also enjoyed the food. I had deep dish pizza (though I must say I prefer New Haven pizza more) as well as great steak and of course, desserts. On our last night there, we were taken to Harry Caray’s steakhouse and we had a wonderful dinner of filet mignon and salmon. To me the most interesting part was the dessert, which was chocolate cake covered with white chocolate. The cake was made to look like a baseball:

The “grass” is coconut shreds that had been dyed green. Creative isn’t it?

The next day before I left, I explored “magnificent mile” and went to “Sugar Bliss”. Soror A had told me that I must go there if I don’t go anywhere else. Sugar bliss did not disappoint. I walked in and was immediately overwhelmed with the cupcake options:

After much deliberation, I settled on the Texas red velvet, which was to die for!

Though I only had a few days there, I really can say I love Chicago. The city has a great vibe, is relatively clean, and appears to have many things going on all the time. I will definitely have to come back for a long weekend–just not in the winter…lol

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1 Response to I “heart” Chicago!

  1. Helena says:

    Yay! Always glad to hear that people liked their visit to my hometown!

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