Foot Detoxing?

After work today, I headed to the Amadeus Wellness Center for Health and Healing for an ionic foot detox. Since I am in the process of trying alternative ways to improve my health and wellness, I couldn’t pass up trying something unique like this. In addition, they were running a special so I got it done for a fraction of the cost.  As soon as I arrived, a woman greeted me and had me sit in a comfy chair and then she brought out a foot basin.

She then attached a band around my waist that generated heat to keep me warm as well as a wrist band that monitored my vitals. Then I placed my feet in the basin and waited for the magic to happen. The entire process takes 30 minutes and the spa supposedly removes toxins through the pores of your feet through ionic charge and osmosis. Interestingly, the water will change color based on the kind of detoxification that your body is undergoing:

My water went from clear to orange at first, and then within 10 minutes it became increasingly brown. I guess my liver was seriously detoxing…lol. After the treatment, the lady dried an massaged my feet and then put lotion on them. I did feel more relaxed by the time the treatment was over. I was told that my body will continue to detox for another 48-72 hours. The lady also told me that in order for the detoxification to be really evident, that I would need to do a series of them (at least 6). I am not sure if I will do this or not yet, but it does seem like it worked (if the drastic water change can be any indication…it was seriously brown!). If I don’t do another foot detox, I may have to get a massage there because they have very reasonable prices and plus they are in close vicinity to my office.  On the way out, I also picked up some pills for an herbal detox that I will start tomorrow (I will have to let you know how that goes after I finish).

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