The bridesmaid venture…part 1 (of two known episodes, thus far)

So, I am quite tickled that I remained unscathed from bridesmaids duties throughout my twenties. However, I think that all changed when I turned thirty last year. My twin in personality (my godsister/cousin) is getting married this year and asked me to be in her wedding and one of my close homies asked me to be one in her wedding next year. I did not realize all of the things a bridesmaid must do. Of course, I knew about the dress and shoes, but I didn’t expect the extras. In fact, it can be down right expensive to be a bridesmaid. However, I really love these two people, so that helps:)  My cousin picked a wonderful dress for us to wear that I will definitely use again…One hint it is very Alpha Kappa Alpha friendly…:)(I will reveal it after her wedding on June 4th) and some cute strappy shoes.

I had to head down to Philadelphia this weekend for a dress fitting and that thing fit like a glove! I was so happy that I didn’t need any alterations, so I am ready to go. But at the same time, I realized that I can’t gain any weight because there is no where for it to go…gesh. My cousin had her MOH(Maid of honor) over for dinner one night while I was there and she turned it out! She made fried shrimp, string beans, whipped potatoes, and a tossed salad. I must say that the highlight of the meal was this champagne vinaigrette that she made! I kept on eating more and more salad so I could keep on using the dressing! Yummy!!!!!!! Here’s the spread:

Overall, it was a great weekend of family bonding. I got to see both sides of the family and get all the good family loving that I so miss being away from home. It is always recharging to be around family!

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