Lemon,garlic, and ginger roasted chicken

I was craving chicken… a roasted chicken. All for me. I understand it can be highly unusual to  make a whole chicken when you: A) live by yourself and B) are not having people over. But I wanted it. So, today I surveyed what I had in the house that would go well with the bird. I am a garlic lover, so I always keep bulbs in the house. I also found a piece of ginger as well as two lemons in my refrigerator. After I cleaned off the bird and removed the inerds, I placed it in a bowl and stabbed it repeatedly with a knife (No, I wasn’t working out frustrations, but I wanted the marinade that I was about to make to penetrate the whole bird). Then I peeled the ginger and cut it up in chunks and then placed it into a small frying pan. then I pounded four cloves of garlic, removed their “jackets”  and then threw them into the pan. Then I squeezed the juice of two lemons into the pan and then heated that up on medium.  I really could smell the flavors, coming up. I let the lemon juice almost evaporate, and then I added some apple juice to the mix and stirred. I poured this over my chicken and then covered it with saran wrap and placed it in the refrigerator for 5 hours. Then I placed it in a pan and baked it for an hour and  45 minutes at 350 F. I cooked it until the internal temperature of the chicken reached 180 F.  The chicken came out so juicy and succulent! I ate some of it with a tossed salad and a cool glass of water. Yummy!

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1 Response to Lemon,garlic, and ginger roasted chicken

  1. Baked chicken, yum! Thanks for the stabbing tip.

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