Convo and Cupcakes at Claires

After getting my cardio workout in on Tuesday, I headed over to Atticus to meet E. Walking up to her while she was intensely focused on her laptop, reminded me of how I was almost three years ago. You see, E is “dissertating”. Meaning, she is currently writing and editing her dissertation with the intent purpose of getting away from the “ivy league school that must not be named.”  I am so proud of her, even though she will be leaving me (though if you ask her, she will tell you how I left her first after I “dissertated”…lol).

Anywho, I digress, after chatting for a bit, we headed down Chapel street to Claire’s for vegan cupcakes. I had been having a craving all day and E was kind enough to take a study break and walk with me. However when we got there, I faced a dilemma because the pumpkin spice cupcake looked deelish as well. So E, being the smart person she is, suggested that I get the pumpkin spice cupcake and she would get the chocolate vegan cupcake and we could split both. Pure genius!

Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also got a potato pancake that had carrots and zucchini in it to serve as my pseudo dinner (well, my way to feel less guilty about eating dessert for dinner…lol). We had a great time catching up. I love food and above all, I love the friendship that has developed between us over the years. She is a great person and I am so proud to have her as a friend:)

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