When good looking food tastes bad….

I am sure you can tell from my entries lately, that I have been on a cooking frenzy. When I went home for christmas, I was pretty much glued in front of the tv and mainly watched three channels: HGTV, We TV, and the cooking network. One day, Guy Fieri (I forgot what show he hosts) was making this asian inspired mahi-mahi dish that looked dee-lish. So this weekend, I gathered all of the ingredients and prepared it and this is what resulted:

Looks good doesn’t it? However, it does not taste the way it looks. I found it to be very unappealing to my palate. I think I have discovered that maybe I don’t like Mahi-Mahi. This is the second time I have prepared it (in two different ways) and I just don’t like the taste. Maybe I should try this cooking style with salmon or tilapia? I don’t know, but I really didn’t like the flavors together. I even tried to add a little red curry paste to it, but it didn’t help.  Oh well, every recipe is not going to be a winner.

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