Vegan on the Cheap–Black bean soup with kale and rice

Recently, my bud Es and I were sharing healthy recipes and dabbles into veganism when we got on the topic of cookbooks. We talked about Veganomicon as well as another book, called Vegan on the cheap. Vegan on the cheap does a great job making veganism readily accessable to the average broke person. In addition, the meals are relatively easy to make. This for lunch this week, I decided to make black bean soup with kale that’s found on pg 200. Yummy!

You are supposed to cook it in a slow cooker, but it wouldn’t fit in mine, so I slow cooked it on the stove for 6 hours ( I brought it to a boil and then I lowered the aisle setting to low). In addition, I sautéed the onions, carrots, and garlic prior to putting it on the pot. In addition, my fire roasted tomatoes had green chiles with them.

A link to the recipe is here

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