Veganomicon and Vegan Pizza..yummy!

Last week my vegan cookbook, Veganomicon came in and I had to do the happy dance! I am in the process of learning new recipes and trying healthier ways of eating, so eating like a vegan the majority of the time is a great goal. They eschew all diary, which would be great for me to do since I have many sinus and allergy issues.  I first fell in love with the authors of this cook book when I glanced through their Vegan Cupcakes cookbook. For those who never tried a vegan cupcake, it is a MUST! They are delicious! For those that live in New Haven, I recommend Claire’s Chocolate Vegan Cupcake-Yummy! Anyway, I digress. I ordered their cookbook and I plan to cook through most of it. Stay tuned for pics and recipes from this book:)

Now onto the Vegan Pizza……:)

Though this recipe isn’t from Veganomicon, I thought I would include it in this post, because it falls right in with my vegan post. This past Monday, I made a roasted tomato, onion, and basil pizza. I didn’t even miss the cheese!

I was googling pizza recipes and I came across this one at Oh she glows. For the recipe click here. The roasted tomatoes and onions combined with the pesto—so so good! I did modify her recipe a lot. For one, I did not make my own pizza dough or vegan pesto. I found both at Whole Foods.  I am sure you can find pizza dough at any health market or regular grocery store. You will only be able to find vegan pesto at a Whole foods, or a health store. In Whole foods, it is called Raw basil pesto. When you read the ingredients, it should not contain any cheese. Cashews usually take the place of that cheese. It is slightly expensive (about $11.99), but worth it! It is really delish! Or you can make your own. The link above includes recipes on how to make the vegan pesto as well as the dough, and vegan parmasan cheese. I didn’t feel like adding any vegan cheese and my pizza turned out excellent.  I will definitely be making this again!

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