Hanging out with my mentee

A few years ago, I was sort of adopted by my mentee. At the time, I was attending her church and she happened to find out that I was apart of an organization that she has been interested in since birth(maybe that’s too drastic, but it has been a long time…lol). We began to hang out in church and then started to occasionally hang out outside of church and communicate via email, etc. I am very proud of her, she is now a sophomore in college and is doing big things. She has a great head on her shoulders and hopefully one day she will become apart of “said” organization:)

Anyway, yesterday D (my mentee) and I headed out for a few hours to hang out and have a bunch of fun doing it. After catching a matinée showing of “Little Fockers” we headed off to grab some grub. I must say though, that she is a bad influence…she had me go off of my healthy kick. We ended up at Pepe’s pizza and followed that of Libby’s. I had too, because she is from New Haven and has never been to Pepe’s. I didn’t know that there was anyone who lived in New Haven that never had Pepes…lol

We ended up eating a half pepperoni and half bacon (that was her half) pizza:

Then at Libby’s, she had hot chocolate and two chocolate chip cookies and I had a cup of tea and some tricolor cookies:

Though, I did go crazy…i.e. ate cheese and sweets, I am not beating myself up. It is about moderation. I have been doing very well with avoiding diary and in 2011, I will be decreasing my sweets, diary, and processed foods. I will definitely still eat those things…but in moderation. For the first month of the year though, I think I will be giving up all unnatural sugars though…. wish me luck.

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