Dinner, laughter, and fun at Kudeta

Last Friday, I headed out in my silver dependable ride and headed over to Kudeta for a wonderful family style din din to celebrate a dear mentor/friend.  Immediately upon entering, I was impressed by the cool vibe of the place. The group that I was meeting had lovingly placed chocolate Santa Clauses at each table  for everyone. Before sitting down to eat, we decided to mingle and catch up. I really enjoyed this because I hadn’t seen some of my peeps in a few years. One person, I hadn’t seen since I attended her wedding a few years ago.  Then we sat down and were served our appetizer and wine.

On the plate was shrimp shumai, wings, egg rolls, and something else(I forgot what the little spinach filled rolls were called). After that, the food was brought out and strategically place around the table. We passed around the food like we were having thanksgiving dinner, which I must say I absolutely adore! Because I am on the meat reduction kick, I only ate the veggie dishes, seafood, and the sushi.

I sat right next to this for easy access:

These were the other goodies:

I think at some point, we all got a little teary eyed over past memories. But, good times were had by all and I will say that we all left thankful of each other and of our special honoree.

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1 Response to Dinner, laughter, and fun at Kudeta

  1. Nicole says:

    Spinach and goat cheese spring rolls! 😀 That’s what the spinach filled rolls probably were. A Kudeta favorite!

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