Thai Salmon Curry—OMG!!!!!!!!!

On Friday before I left the office, a sudden idea popped in my head—-curry! I had a craving for salmon (still trying to avoid other meat….) but I wanted to try to prepare it in a different way than I am used to eating it. So after the curry popped in my head, I quickly did a google search and found a recipe for Thai Salmon Curry at So on Saturday after sorority meeting, I ran several errands (which took me over 4 hours btw) including a run to Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Stop N Shop to get all the ingredients for the dish. The hardest thing for me to find was the Red curry paste(that is why I went to three different grocery stores), but I ended up finding it at Whole Foods.

Anyway, I digress….

This afternoon I set all of my ingredients for the dish and got to work:

Also, one more note before I show you the fruits of my labor–try to get wild caught salmon. It may cost more, but it makes the dish that much more delicious!



Prep Time: 10 mins 

Total Time: 25 mins

  1. Remove the skin from the fillets (discarding skin) and cut the fish into medium/large cubes (about 1-inch size).(I didn’t cut my fish up or remove the skin)
  2. Place the coconut milk into a large saute pan and add ginger, sugar, fish sauce, curry paste, and lime juice.
  3. Use a whisk to blend it until it is smooth.
  4. Bring the coconut milk to a boil and add the fish.(I ended up placing my salmon filets in a roasting pan that was lined with aluminum foil and poured the milk over the fish after it came to a boil. I then broiled my fish, basting the fish with the curry occasionally
  5. Cook, turning fish gently to cook all sides as it cooks, for 5-7 minutes (depending on size of cubes or how well done you like your fish). I broiled it and didn’t turn it.
  6. Sprinkle curry with chopped basil and cilantro.
  7. Serve garnished with minced Thai bird chiles, if you like, but remember that these are very hot, and you might want to taste one small thin ring (preferably with some food) before adding a lot of them to your serving. I couldn’t find the Thai bird chiles, so I skipped this step.
  8. Ladle into bowls over steamed jasmine rice.I ended up making steamed string beans and roasted red potatoes for my sides because I am riced out…lol

Here’s the salmon right out of the oven:

This is the completed meal… it was Good!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Rudy says:

    Am I invited to dinner?

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