My Italy Vacation, Day 3- Florence

Another early morning. Our shuttle met us at our hotel lobby at 7am and we rode through wine country to Florence. As we were leaving Rome, the views gave way to lush greenery and beautiful Tuscan style houses. After three hours, we arrived in Florence. Before we could drive into Florence’s city center, our bus driver had to pay and get a permit to enter. I found this interesting. We learned that because Florence was so old and the streets were so narrow, each large vehicle that entered the city had to have a permit. Instead of taking the tour, we decided to slowly walk around the city and take it in slowly. The medieval architecture was A-MAZE-ING!!!!!!!!

One of my favorite parts of Florence was Ponte Vecchio. I feel that these views give you a better sense of what it was like to live back in that era.

Florence was also were I discovered a love for Italian Hot Chocolate. It is so thick and rich compared to ours.

One day was not enough to spend in Florence. When I go back to Italy in the future, I plan on spending the bulk of my time in Florence and Tuscany.

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