My Italian Vacation…Day 1

Earlier this year, my line sisters and I took a trip to Vegas to celebrate our 10 year line anniversary. During this trip, one of my line sisters, L told us about a trip her and her brother were planning for later in the year to go to Italy. My line sister A and I were immediately excited and asked to tag along. I threw out all of my fears about needing to pay off debt, and to save for a new car, to jump at a trip that I have wanted to do for a while now. You see, I have been to Rome before, but only as a stop on route to Sicily. This was my chance to begin to explore Italy, and I didn’t want to miss out.

Is there any trip that you want to take that you may keep putting off because of finances? There may never be  a right time to travel. You should seize the moment because the memories are priceless…

Anywho, back to my trip

November 18, 2010:

After an overnight flight via Alitalia, R, A, and I arrived in Rome. We quickly met up with R’s sister(my line sister) and headed to our hotel.  Our room was spartan, but clean and very close to the Termini Station.


this is A and I's room in the suite


After freshening up, we headed out for our tour of the Vatican Museum. The Vatican museum is packed with wonderful art pieces that I learned about as a child such as the school of Athens:

My favorite part of this tour was the Sistine Chapel. I must say that Michelangelo is a genius!!!!!! I stayed in there for at least 15 minutes just staring at the ceiling.  After our tour we wandered around St. Peter’s Basilica as well as St. Peter’s square and then headed back to our hotel to get picked up for our night tour of Rome.

My favorite part was the Trevi Fountain:

You are supposed to throw a coin into the Trevi fountain to guarantee your return to Rome, I realize now that I didn’t throw it over my shoulder into the fountain like legend dictates, but I did make a wish that I hope comes true……

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1 Response to My Italian Vacation…Day 1

  1. Kenise says:

    You must debrief me! Can’t wait to hear about everything….. Let’s get coffee or something at Claire’s. BTW I am going to Italy for five weeks this summer….:) So the coin does work….Just matters that you get it in the water….

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