Food Reviews: Guadalupe La Poblanita!!!!!

I was riding around on Saturday in the search for some good old comfort food and for some reason, I began to crave Mexican. I immediately went on the hunt for my favorite spot, Guadalupe’s, with the hope they would still be in the place that I last remembered them to be. I was introduced to Guadalupe’s during my first year of graduate school and I loved it so much I was going at least once a week while I was there. The customer service and food is impeccable.  It was so bad that the lady would know me by voice when I would call or when I would come in, she knew what I wanted. The only downside is that they only accept cash, so no swiping the card:( But you can’t beat their prices and food quality. If you are looking for authentic Mexican in New Haven, this is the place to go!  They are located at 136 Chapel St and are open from 11am-8pm(everyday except Tuesdays). If you eat in, they will bring chips and salsa (in Dixie cups) out. I recommend their $8.50 combination plate.  The funny thing is that even though I hadn’t been there in over two years, the lady still remembered who I was.  This time, I ordered a tostada and a burrito:

Needless to say, I devoured this along with the Pina Jarrito. Yummy! If anyone wants to go soon, I am game:)

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