Redesigning my bedroom- chapter 3

Those who have been reading this blog know that I have been on a quest (though slow) to redecorate my bedroom. I started off by refinishing an end table and building a headboard and then moved on to wall flowers and a paisley bed spread. I am now turning my attention to additional areas to make my room pop. I decided that the corner in my room opposite my bed could use a cute little table on which I could put decorative things like glass or vases. A few months ago, my next door neighbor had a yard sale and I acquired a table for 5 dollars!

I had been struggling for the past few months trying to figure out what color to paint the table. I wanted something that would pop in my bedroom, yet still give it character. I fluctuated between white, tan , or turquoise. I finally decided to go out go the bold route, so I will be painting this table a bold turquoise color (Behr’s Tropical Waters) that I got from Home Depot:

This will be my mini project this weekend. I will sand, prime, paint and hopefully polyurethane the table before this weekend is over. I will post pictures when I am finished. Wish me luck!

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