Ladies who lunch

I was sitting at my desk around 11am this morning when I received a call from my sistah friend K. She wanted to know if I wanted to join her for lunch and of course I said yes. She picked me up and then we headed over to Chapel st to eat at Inochine Pavillion. I have passed this restaurant several times over the course of my time here in New Haven, but I had never entered. Inochine Pavillion is a Vietnamese restaurant that has a pretty reasonably priced lunch buffet. It was more so for us, because K had two gift certificates for lunch:) Overall, the food was filling , but it definitely wasn’t the best food I have ever had:

After becoming semi-full and having wonderful conversation, K and I headed to my addiction…fro yo world.

K got cake batter, vanilla bean and red velvet fro yo and topped it with coconut, strawberries and some chocolate:

While I got cake batter, vanilla bean and red velvet yogurt and topped it with strawberries and m&ms… (I know I need to try a new combo…lol):

Overall, a lovely lunch and a wonderful break in an otherwise slow work day.

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