A Lambtastic dinner!

I had a strange craving for lamb this weekend, which is very odd for me because I haven’t cooked red meat in my house in over three years and a rarely eat it. So, I though maybe my body was trying to tell me something. I decided to give in and picked up some lamb, but I didn’t cook it until last night. Before cooking the lamb, I picked up a bottle of Pinot grigio(I know red wine pairs with red meat, but I don’t like red wine…lol) and some crusty bread from Nica’s Market.  Then I made this:

I call this dish ” Broiled Lamb with cannellini beans and tomatoes” with a side of sautéed Kale greens.

I had some tomatoes from the farmer’s market this summer that I froze to keep from going bad, so I thawed those up and chopped them up and put them to the side. Then I drained a can of cannellini beans and placed them to the side as well. I chopped up half a yellow onion and 2 cloves of garlic and placed them into a pan with some olive oil and cooked them until the garlic was fragrant. Then I added the tomatoes and the cannellini beans and cooked them until the juice of the tomatoes was bubbling.

Then I sprinkled  sea salt and adobo seasoning on my lamb and placed it under the broiler for until the lamb wasn’t crying (meaning until the blood wasn’t there). While the lamb was cooking , I sautéed the kale with oil and sea salt until the leaves had wilted. Then I removed from the stove and added some of my spicy garlic oil to them.

This dish was yummy! I think I drank too much wine because I was so relaxed that I was in bed by 9pm.

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