Houston…we have a problem…..

Or rather,  a slight addiction.  On Saturday, A and I went out to see the movie “Red” and then to Modern pizza to chow down.

A quick side note: Go and see Red! It is a fantastic movie! It has the right combination of action and comedy. Plus it stars Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, and Helen Mirren, so you can’t go wrong there.

Anywho, back to my story: After pizza and talks of our upcoming Rome trip, we headed over to Fro-yo World, which is this fantastic self-serve Frozen Yogurt Bar. I was anticipating it all day…but alas, it wasn’t meant to be because the vanilla lever was broken.. I almost cried….lol.

The following day, I headed over there after church, but it still wasn’t fixed. They told me that the mechanic was coming to fix the lever in an hour, so to check back. I went and washed my clothes and actually called them to see if the lever was fixed. It was! So I quickly jumped in my car and headed over there to have this:

This is my usual: Vanilla yogurt with m&m’s and strawberries! Yummy! Don’t you think it was crazy of me to be that persistent with getting this treat? You may find it sad that I will be heading over there during my lunch hour for some red velvet cake yogurt…. I wonder if there are support groups for fro-yo addictions?

Update: My lunch hour treat:

Red Velvet and Vanilla Fro-yo mix with m&ms, candy corn, strawberries, and oreo bits…  I will try not to eat Fro-yo tommorrow….I promise….lol

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1 Response to Houston…we have a problem…..

  1. Te says:

    I have a similar affection for coldstone milkshakes. Just can’t help myself.

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