NYC Fashion tour– groupon style

On Saturday, I caught the early train down to the city to go on a Top Button Tour (courtesy of my groupon deal). This tour is a 4 hour tour though several sample sales that are not normally available to everyone. In addition, they give you a “swag bag” full of goodies and a drink voucher to a local bar.

So we had to meet our tour guide in the garment district at the needle and thread monument:

From there, we went to 6 designers showrooms and spent thirty minutes at each one. This is the run down of who we visited:

1. Elizabeth Gillet: She was really nice and explained how she got in the scarf designing business. Her pieces were lovely, but I didn’t want to commit to purchasing something so early in the shopping. Plus her wraps were thin and it’s almost winter.

2. Linda Richards: We didn’t get to meet the designer (she designs coats and fur pieces). I wasn’t very interested in purchasing a coat, so I spent the time talking to a fellow shopper who was an eye surgeon. We had a cool discussion about work-life balance.

3. Renee DuMarr: I didn’t like her clothes. I think they were more appropriate for someone in their late 40’s or early fifties. She did have some cute handbags though. I was put off  by this designer’s personality though. She seemed very rude and abrasive.

4. Anni Kuan: We didn’t meet her either, but her clothes were very stylish and very wearable to work. I had my eye on this velvet turquoise piece, but I abstained because I am supposed to be on a clothing buying ban.

5. Geo Art by Cynthia Gale: When we entered her studio, her husband was there to greet us. He was really personable and did a wonderful job of explaining her jewelry pieces. I was really impressed by the stories that went with each piece. I ended up scoring a pair of greek inspired pearl earrings for $15:

6. In suede Apparel: In this showroom, there were a lot of coats. I was tempted to buy this cute brown suede jacket for $45, but it didn’t button.

Overall, the tour was interesting, but I was disappointed that we did not go to more well-known designers. I was also perturbed by the tour time change the week of the event. I thought that was very inconsiderate of them to do this. I guess they must think that most of their clientele are coming from NYC and not traveling to get there. Also the free drink was not really convenient either. The time that we could use the voucher was a 6pm, but because they changed the time from 2-6pm to 10am-2pm, we would have to wait 4 hours just to get our drink. I ended up giving my free ticket to another person that was on the tour with me.  However, the “swag bag” was very nice:

So overall, it was a pretty nice day. I think the next NYC tour I take will be a food tour. I will keep you posted:)

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