Detox, day 4. Downward dogging it.

This detox has been a very interesting process. Unfortunately, I had to slip a little bread this morning because I woke up with “woman issues”–meaning cramps!!!!!!! I popped some pills, grabbed my green lemonade, my yoga mat and headed to work to drop of my stuff prior to heading to my yoga class. I know yoga is supposed to be relaxing, but I have a VERY hard time quieting my mind.  While she had us on our backs breathing, I kept on thinking “I am in pain!” or “What do I have to do today?” While I was in the downward dog position, I kept on thinking, “Man, I really need to do this more often because I am stiff'”. The bottom line is that I do need work on quieting my mind. Hopefully, I will learn this in the next few weeks that I have this class.

After the class, I went back to the office, got dressed and then finished off my green lemonade. Before I knew it, I had a big green salad with goat cheese and then got to back to work. Around 3 pm, I had Broccoli slaw (you can buy it in a bag from Trader Joes) with guacamole. It sounds interesting, but it is actually quite good:). I had to head over to the new health plan to get a temporal CT-Scan. Yes, they are still trying to figure out why I have chronic pain on my right ear side. For those who don’t know, I lost hearing in my right ear a few years ago. Ever since then, I have been experiencing low to high-grade pain, I have learned how to live with it (along with my other allergy and sinus issues), but I am now at a point that I just want to be healed and healthy. So that is why I do detox, that is why I try quirky foods–all in a quest to find the optimal healthy me (Since my doctors have yet to figure out what is going on!). I still have faith that my hearing will come back one day, but if it doesn’t I just want to be the healthiest I can be. The bottom line is that I am thankful. I could be deaf or worse health issues. Definitely having something “perceived wrong with you ” (at least in society’s views )helps you to look at the world with a new perspective. I am very protective of my hearing and I think I pay more attention to the noises that I do and do not hear around me.

Anyway, on to day 5….. wish me luck.

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  1. J says:

    Its VERY hard to shut off your brain while in yoga. I find that it helps to tell myself to focus on my breath and when I am in my yoga practice and other thoughts start creeping in, I remind myself again to think about my breath. That has helped me over the years.

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