Detox, day 3. Fighting Temptations

I think that this detox has finally made me realize that diet modification alone is not going to do the job. I think I need to take on Michelle Obama’s mantra and “get moving”.  I have decided that I am going to finally have to break down and join a gym because my life has become increasingly sedentary over the years. I think running the 5K without training last Monday initially got me thinking about that. I was sore for a week and I vowed to conquer that 5k next year.

Anyway, I got up this morning, body brushed and then did some stretching. I then showered and made my green lemonade with my Breville Juicer .

This is what the Green lemonade looks like: Yummy right?  I know you are thinking it is nasty. But if you put carrots in it, it actually doesn’t taste that bad.

I headed to visit Hofstra’s new medical school in Long Island with my boss. I must say that it was a very pretty campus. They are planning to start with their first class next fall and all of the administrators seem very enthusiastic. They told all of us that they will not give multiple choice exams, but a lot of case based, oral and essay exams. They want their doctors to be humble and passionate about helping their patients. It will be interesting to see in the long run how these doctors end up.

Fighting Temptation

They had a luncheon for us and I have to admit that I did break a few rules of the detox:

1. I ate bread

2. I ate some pasta

3. I had a brownie

I think can be very hard to eat out when you are on a detox unless you have a game plan in your head. For some reason, I was really hungry and you know when you get to that point, you just reach for anything. If I would have come to lunch in a better state of mind (ie. not so hungry) I would have just ate the salad, the steamed veggies and the chicken. But I decided not to berate myself and just made sure I got back on track for dinner. For dinner, I broiled some salmon and sautéed some broccolini and then I had a big salad with some goat cheese.

Though I got off track for one meal, I still feel that this is a very beneficial process. I am learning a lot more about what makes my body tick and I am thankful for that.

Number one thing on my agenda tomorrow is to join a gym:)

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3 Responses to Detox, day 3. Fighting Temptations

  1. Maria says:

    I absolutely love your blogs! I’m starting to get curious about this detox book myself..what’s the goal of the detox?

  2. brandnewphd says:

    Hi Maria!
    The goal of the detox is to start to get rid of some of the toxins and waste matter that has built up in my body by eating the wrong things. It is important for us to give our bodies a “tune up from time to time” It helps us to run better. I definitely plan on detoxing again once I get on a regular exercise regimen. This was just a test to see if it could work.

  3. J says:

    I have some more pages to read of your blog yet, but let me suggest that when you have special dietary needs, you have to have healthful snacks on you at all times to help you avoid those cravings. I’m not sure if they are allowed, but nuts are an easy and very portable snack to keep on you at all times. Sometimes when I go to the movies, I will take celery and cucumbers with me in a baggie to keep me from wanting the POPCORN…

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