Fashion’s Night Out….in New Haven?

Tonight was fashion’s night out in NYC. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make my way down there, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that New Haven was trying to mimic it right in my own neighborhood. Many of the stores on Chapel Street had opened their doors and held different events to get customers into their stores. In addition, they were looking for a model to feature on a local style program.

I headed out after changing into some cute skinny jeans, a turquoise sweater, with some slouch brown boots. Parking is always hard in downtown New Haven due to the restaurants and nightlife.  I am trying to be better about getting out. After all, I am young and not married, so I should be meeting people and building relationships…shouldn’t I?

Anyway, I digress…lol I originally came out to support the president of the junior league that I belong to. She owns a boutique downtown called Idiom and was putting on a fashion show in her store. When I entered, I quickly gave K (the JL president) a hug and gravitated to her jewelry collection. I have placed myself on a clothing purchasing ban for a while (let’s see how long this lasts), but I have been on the lookout for accessories to help extend my outfit potential. As I was glancing at her necklaces, I came across these silver and gold coins that had inspirational sayings on them.  There was also a sign that said “by letting go, she obtained what really mattered”. Isn’t that a beautiful saying? I was looking for a coin necklace that said it, but it was not to be. However, I spotted another necklace that said ” Trust what fate has in store”. That spoke to my heart, so you know I had to buy it.

After that, I picked up a glass of wine and headed to a group of league members that had gathered. It was time for the fashion show, so we stood to the side and watched the clothes come down. I felt like Rachel Zoe for a moment and “died” at the vision of those cardigans and faux black wrap dress. One model had these leggings that looked like jeans (no they weren’t jeggings).. they were “bananas”!

After the show, I headed out to Fro-yo world and make myself a custom frozen yogurt treat and headed home.

Wonderful end to the evening:)

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