30 in the City: Cosmopolitan turns 30!!!!!!!!!

It was my birthday on August 17th and I finally left the 20’s behind and entered my 30’s. I must say that I was slightly emotional at the prospect. An hour before the clock struck midnight on August 16th, I was in tears, crying into my cell phone. I must say that L graciously put up with a hysterical “me”. I felt that I did not accomplish all that I should have in my 20’s. I felt that I had made so many mistakes with men and had so many issues with self-esteem. I had just started to find myself at 28, so I didn’t think I was quite ready to make the leap into my 30’s. L was kind enough to remind me that the alternative isn’t so pretty(I could be dead) and that he would be 35 next year. I guess I really can’t argue with that..lol. So I dried my eyes and went to sleep and woke up later on in the day.

In order to bring in your thirties or any big decade, I feel you should shop. Well, maybe I am using that as an excuse, because I love to shop. Before I left my house, I received a delivery from the florist. L had sent me an orchid, which was really sweet. He also provided detailed instructions on how to keep it alive for the next few years. I hope I can do this..lol.

I headed off to the outlets at Clinton Crossing and then to tar-jay and proceeded to go crazy. My drugs of choice that day were J Crew, Gap, and Coldstone…lol.

I thought it was sweet that when I got home these were waiting for me:)

By the time I admired the strawberries, it was time for me to get dressed and head out to my dinner at Barcelona.  It was so fun and E, W, Iffy,K, D, K, S, K, and I had so much fun. We ordered tapas, wine, mojitos, red and white sangria, and desserts. I was so happy that they could celebrate my day with me. If you have never been to Barcelona, I suggest you run there! The food and drinks were superb.

I left the restaurant feeling content and excited about this new chapter has to bring. I can’t wait to see what happens in this new decade:)

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1 Response to 30 in the City: Cosmopolitan turns 30!!!!!!!!!

  1. J says:

    30 is the new 20 baby!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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