Sunday Brunch and IKEA

On Sunday, E, Iffy, and I went to the Pantry for brunch. It was wonderful! I hadn’t been since I moved back to New Haven and was so thankful that E had proposed this idea. I meant to take a picture of all of our food, but I was so hungry(and I think they were too), that I quickly devoured mine and even some of Iffy’s I had the french toast short stack and some sausage! Yummy!!!! E had the California eggs Benedict, and Iffy had a lox scramble and a side of strawberries. It was really nice catching up with them and talking  On the way out, Iffy and I spotted this sign and laughed(wouldn’t it be really hilarious if it said “shit” instead of garbage?) Ironically, there was still trash on the ground nearby, so I guess someone doesn’t have a

After brunch, Iffy and I headed over to IKEA and I commenced to shop ’til I dropped. I am still in the process of fixing my bedroom up and I needed a bedskirt for my bed. So I got one for 12.99! So hyped! I also scored two more glass containers to hold my pasta and my beans. My pantry is starting to look so organized.

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