My review of Eat, Pray, love

On Saturday, W and I went to see Eat, Pray, Love to begin my extended birthday week. Please do not go to see this movie on an empty stomach! I was so hungry watching the food scenes in Italy. The movie stays pretty much true to the book. However, I feel the man who played Richard from Texas stole the show. Even over Julia Roberts, which is kinda bad because she was the main character. Also do not go see this movie if you are sleepy, you want to be fully awake, or it could feel that the movie is dragging in places. I think I shouldn’t have stayed up talking to L until 5am in the Overall, I think it is a good movie, and those who absolutely loved the book, will love the movie.

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1 Response to My review of Eat, Pray, love

  1. J says:

    I am still stuck in the begininning of Indonesia in the book, so I don’t think I will check out this movie until it arrives in the REDBOX!

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