Beaches and Indian food equals great weekend

Hammonasset beach

Summers are meant to be spent lazily. It is a time when the world seems to slow a little, especially for those of us who work in academics. One of most treasured summer traditions is spending time on the beach, either in the water or lounging on the sand.  Last Saturday, I went to Hammonasset Beach in Madison, CT with a few of my friends. We brought with us lunch from Nica’s market and set up shop on the beach directly in the sun. It was so nice to hear the water lap against the beach as well as to just let my mind drift. The following day after church and brunch with my line sister, I went to West Haven Beach with two of my friends. Again, it was a very peaceful experience and I really enjoyed the time spent near the water. After beach time, we went to India Palace in New Haven and had great food. I enjoyed the lamb curry, samosas, and naan. Overall, just a peaceful weekend spent with friends.

West Haven Beach

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1 Response to Beaches and Indian food equals great weekend

  1. J says:

    WOW! That food looks damn good! I know what I’m having for dinner sometime this weekend! Also, I plan to get to the beach this weekend. I have yet to go since my relocation in November! What a pity!

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