Cat + squirrel=lol!

I was walking to work this morning and after crossing a street, I came across a man who was fixated on a house. When I turned my gaze at what he was staring at, I started laughing! On the ledge of one house a cat was staring and really trying to get a squirrel that was on the adjacent house. The funny thing is it almost seemed like the squirrel was daring the cat to try to jump over to where he was.  Because I was running late, I didn’t get a chance to see how it played out, but I definitely let my imagination run:

The cat: Hey squirrel, I really want to tear you up! Just wait, I am going to get you! 

The Squirrel: Ok, why don’t you come over here, I dare you.

The cat: Just you wait, I am going to jump over there and you will be my new meal and play thing.

The squirrel: Sure. I will just sit right here and see how you plan on doing that. I’m sure you remember tweety bird and Sylvester. How did that always play out?

The cat: I am not sure what you are talking about, but I am coming to get you!

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