I Love Rita’s Water Ice

I was first introduced to this tasty goodness during a visit to my brother’s home in Philadelphia. We were on South Street and my little nephew wanted some dessert. Because he has a dairy allergy, we headed over to Rita’s, which serves cool treats for those who can’t eat ice cream.  In Philadelphia, it is common for people to get a water ice and a soft pretzel at the same time. The salty and sweet combination really fills those cravings! 

With my new-found addiction, I headed back to CT to discover that they opened one in Milford on Ocean St. I promptly ran over and grabbed a regular sized Mango flavored treat. Yummy!!!!!

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1 Response to I Love Rita’s Water Ice

  1. J says:

    I TOTALLY miss my Mango Gelati’s! Seeing as though there are no Rita’s out here on the West Coast (that I have seen) I will have to wait until I get back east to enjoy some Rita’s Water Ice!

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