Atlanta: Work.Friends.Food…..and Back ache!

Back ache!

Work trips. Don’t we all love them? Well, I do. Especially when they allow me to combine work with pleasure.  I headed down to Atlanta on Wednesday and was thoroughly impressed with my lodgings at the Marriott Marquis located downtown. What I was not impressed with was my bed, which ended up being the bane to my back’s existence. I don’t know if it was the pillows or if it was the fact that my bed had two different levels. Have you ever heard of that? The bed was very uneven and bumpy. On Thursday, I woke up with the most extreme back and neck ache I have ever had. My neck hurt so much that I couldn’t even turn it. I was so desperate for relief that I booked an impromptu swedish and deep tissue massage! Anyone who knows me knows that I rarely drop money without seriously over analyzing it. But desperate times call for desperate measures! In the end, I was so glad that I did! The staff in the hotel spa were excellent! I came out of my massage able to move my neck and was fully relaxed. 


Atlanta is a city that contains two important people in my life: D and E. They both have been long lasting friends: D: 10 years and E: 7 years.  Thursday night was E’s night and we spent time catching up and talking about what we want to be when “we grow up”. I find it funny that after all we both have accomplished, we are still not yet where we want to be. However, I am so glad that we are now both aware what direction we want to go in and have begun to take the steps to get there. I hadn’t seen E in such a long time and I was so happy just to have dinner and interact with her. We had a great dinner at this restaurant called Silk (on Peachtree st) and then followed up with dessert at Cafe Intermezzo. I must say, that though the dinner at Silk was great, the highlight of the night was the wide variety of desserts at Cafe Intermezzo!!!!

Friday night was D’s night. We headed to Starbucks and proceeded to reminisce about how we met and the length of our friendship. D and I met during a summer research internship at UC Berkeley in 2000. I think to this day, that was the best summer that I have had. In fact, I still keep in contact with many of the people from that summer and one even ended up being a colleague during my time in graduate school.  Anyway, I digress. D gave me some great advice that night and I hope the things I said to him resonated with him. D told me that I need to stop settling in my life for mr. just enough. That I deserve and should expect the best. His message could have been a little harsh, but due to the self-reflection I have done over the past 6 months, I must agree with him. I think I do settle and I know it was due to my self-esteem. For some reason, deep down inside I did not believe I deserved the best from a man. I think a combination of childhood things in combination with adulthood stuff had influenced me. I also have allowed myself to get hung up in my hearing loss and feeling like I am not whole anymore.

Why do we do these things to ourselves???? Who needs enemies when we can be our own best one? 2010 has been a year of growth for me. I have been slowly working on my self-esteem as well as becoming more secure in who I am. I have finally gotten to the place where I am at peace being by myself and truly enjoying my solitude. I have been exploring my creative side and bringing that out: though do it yourself projects and learning italian. I have also pushed myself out of my comfort zone by writing this blog. Though I still have a lot of self work to go, I am thankful for how far I have come and for the friends that have been along for the journey.

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  1. I’m happy you had a great trip to Atlanta. ‘D’ sounds like an awesome guy. Good advice. I hope he takes your own too. 😉

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