The not so blind date

It has been six months since my last relationship and I figured that it was time to start to venture into the jungle that is the dating world. The main problem is that I am not the average 29-year-old. I like to stay at home, occasionally meet up for drinks/dinner, and my recent kick, do it yourself projects.  So needless to say, I was surprised to meet a guy in a traditional, albeit old-fashioned way. My date was introduced to me by one of my sorority sisters. My first impressions of him was that he was nice and he could make me laugh. So I agreed to go on a pseudo date and met him at one of my favorite places in the whole world.  I got there early so that I could assess the situation and see him come in. I will have to say, my second impression of him was not that great. While he was still a great person, I got a bad vibe from him. The number one deal breaker for me was that he had a child that was eleven years old. I know that may seem superficial, but at 29 I am not ready to be a stepmom and definitely not a stepmom to a child that old. I know a lot of men have children nowadays, but I am not at the age yet that I am willing to settle for a man with children yet.

But my checklist got me thinking about things that we do and do not accept with people we date. I think I have a pretty nonsuperficial way of looking at men; I do not get hung up in their physical appearance(meaning looks), but I do notice how a man carries himself (i.e. his cleanliness, how he dresses, and his vibe). I am starting to learn how to trust my instincts more and really just take each day by day. After the date, I realized that I am completely ok being by myself right now. I think it is my season in life to go through this. I am truly enjoying the time that I am getting to spend with myself and the things I am able to do and to try without worrying about someone else.  The clock is not ticking. I know that when it is my time to have that special someone, it will happen. But until then, I am going to just enjoy being me:)

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1 Response to The not so blind date

  1. J says:

    So glad to see you get out and see what’s out there in the very least! Enjoy this time in your life to focus on you and your needs and when that special person comes, you will be such a great addition to his life! I’m so hopeful for your future!

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