May 26, 2010

New haven was at ninety degrees today. It was quite funny listening to the people in my office complain about the heat. I was laughing in my head because if they think this is hot, they should come down south and deal with heat plus humidity. I don’t even think I will need an air conditioner in my current apartment. I think I will get a fan though just to circulate the air. Work was work. I did have something out of the norm happen though. My former PhD advisor called me and asked me for a favor. She wanted me to help out one of her MPH advisees who was applying to medical school. Since the office wasn’t really busy, I told her , sure why not. The girl was really nice and really appreciated my help. Fortune would have it that she is in the field that I want to enter, so she gave me some great advice and urged me to stay in contact with her. I am really glad I had a chance to meet her.

After work was pretty uneventful. I ran to walmart and shop and shop and then headed home and took a shower. One thought that popped into my head was how thankful I am able to have running water and to be able to take a shower after being sticky all day.

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