May 23, 2010

Armed with a much needed stash of Cheerios, I headed off to church this morning. I was impressed that I made it to 8 o’clock service this morning because I was dead tired. But I was glad I did. The minister talked about how we need to let our light shine and that we can not wait any longer to do so. Also not to let anyone else hinder our path. After church and bible study, I headed off to meet K and S for a lovely JL brunch and had a blast. Those two are very funny and they motivated me to take a trip abroad next year by myself. Now I just need to decide between Barcelona and paris…or maybe do both????? The afternoon ended at soror D’s house, where we had a book club discussion of “The Help”. It was so interesting to hear the soror’s stories of life growing up in the 60’s and also during segregation. I really enjoyed myself. Soror D has such a beautiful house!!! Wow.. but I guess if you and your husband are both physicians, you are guaranteed to have a nice house.  Overall, I am so thankful for today and being able to stay present at each event. Not once did I jump to what I needed to do or what I should have done. It is so nice just to soak up the day. Every day is such a blessing and I must say, I am glad that I allowed myself to enjoy today.

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1 Response to May 23, 2010

  1. K says:

    I had such a great time at brunch with you! Two thumbs up to traveling alone. It gives you such a keen sense of yourself when you are somewhere completely new. Looking forward to following your adventures via your writing.

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