May 20, 2010

my rice noodle soup with pork

The weather was warm and sunny and there was a slight breeze. New Haven was quite lively around lunch time-people bustling to and fro to get their food. I decided to be “adventurous” and hopped on the shuttle  and went over to the medical school campus to get a cheap, yet tasty meal. I had a craving for an egg roll and a rice noodle soup with pork. The cost was $4 and the taste was priceless. I had a wonderful day. I was able to savor my meal and really take in everything around me. After work my coworkers and I went to a bar next door and had a drink. It is really nice to see them out after work and to listen to their lives. The highlight of my day was finally booking my trip to Italy. I am so excited. Earlier this year, it really seemed like a dream and that this would never happen. I am so thankful that I was able to afford to do this. Today, I am just really appreciative and that the feeling that kept me in the moment all day.

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