May 5, 2010 aka: Cinco de Mayo

Today was a beautiful day. The sun was out in its full glory and yet it was not too hot. I really feel I did a good job of staying in the present and really gained some insight to my personality. I have decided that I will come up with my own mission statement. I figure if buisnesses and non profits can have one, why can’t people? Also to celebrate cinco de mayo, I met up with my friends, E, W, and I and had a blast. The place of choice was Geronimos and it seems like most of New Haven had the same idea. I really was proud of myself for hanging out. I am so stuck in the rut of coming directly home and putting on my pjs and watching mindless tv. Spending time with my friends and watching the antics of the drunk people around me, really warmed my spirits. It was nice to just be among people and to observe them.  My take home message today was that good friends definitely help you stay in the present.

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1 Response to May 5, 2010 aka: Cinco de Mayo

  1. Jade says:

    Well, I am certainly glad to see you let loose! Glad had a great time and enjoyed yourself!

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