May 3rd 2010

Today was a very rainy and muggy day in New Haven. Armed with my trusty rainbow rain boots, I set off to work, suprisingly unaware of the torrential downpour. I got to work and was focused and got through the day without incident. The “living in the moment” experience for me today happened when I looked outside my office window and then looked at this picture on my wall. The picture has a caption under it that reads, “Be the Change you wish to see in the World”.  I have been wrestling with this feeling that I am not really making a difference, but I had to stop and think about all that I do currently. Though I am only one person, everything I do or don’t do can potentially have an effect on someone. Just smiling and saying hi to someone may be small, but you never know who you may be uplifting. So today’s take home message for me is that the little things do matter. So I will try to do more little things to make the lives of people around me better.

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