May 1st 2010

Today is the first day of my assignment for the month. I must say, I really learned alot. Today I really stepped outside of my box and did a photoshoot with a photographer. My line sister A, was so nice to accompany me. It was a truly eye opening experience—-it is really hard to model. You have to be so aware of your body and posing in certain ways can either make you bigger or skinner than what you are. The thing that I learned today was how important self confidence is. I really began to let go and to have fun with my shoot. I began to embrace all of my percieved flaws. I plan on going back in the near future to do another photoshoot with the photographer and to really rock it. Staying in the moment today made me truly appreciate the time I spent with my line sister during and after the photoshoot. It was nice to go shopping and to have dinner with her. Other than the shoot, having chocolate chip ice cream at the end of the day was the highlight.

My take home message for the day was to be true to myself and to embrace all of me.

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